Referral Lists

Laura now has LDS Counselor referral lists available for the Utah and Boise, Idaho areas, including information on how to find additional therapists based on your preferences:

Laura’s Handouts

The following are some of Laura’s clinical handouts and worksheets that she primarily uses with clients. We have decided to make them available here, so that clients can access them more quickly than waiting for them to be sent. We hope these resources might also be helpful to those that would like to utilize some self-help therapy in improving their lives and relationships.

These resources are listed in alphabetical order, but if you search for any of the following categories you will find all of the handouts on a particular topic. The categories to search for are: Addiction, Depression, Infidelity, Marriage, Pre-Marital, Self-Development or Sex Therapy. Click on the handout title link to open the handout in a printable pdf file. You can also click on the column headers to sort by that column (i.e. click on “Last Updated” to find all the handouts that have been updated most recently).

ImageHandout TitleCategoriesLast Updated
--5 Minute MeditationAddiction
Sex Therapy
--7 Steps of Spiritual Surrender – How to Do Spiritual SurrenderAddiction
Sex Therapy
--9 Core Emotions Exercise Marriage
10 Steps to a Happier LifeDepression
11 Roadblocks to Addiction Recovery (for partners)Addiction2016/08/01
A Quick Couple Tune-Up: A-R-E – Accessibility, Responsiveness, EngagementMarriage2018/06/13
Accountability PartnersAddiction2016/10/01
Active Addiction RecoveryAddiction2017/05/26
Addiction Recovery and Prevention ProgramAddiction2014/12/01
Arousal Helpers - How to Stay More Mentally, Emotionally and Physically Present During LovemakingSex Therapy2018/02/01
Auditory ArousalSex Therapy2017/09/01
Bridges to Desire – Getting From 0 - 60 SexuallySex Therapy2016/07/01
Clearing Out Your Emotional ClosetSelf-Development2013/08/01
Codependency and Counterdependency CharacteristicsMarriage
Codependency and the Continuum of SelfMarriage
Codependency, Boundaries and Detaching (Healing Through Christ, p. 142-147, Healing Through Christ Institute, LLC)Marriage
Common Concepts in Counseling with CouplesMarriage
Couples Questions – Increasing Emotional ConnectionMarriage2018/09/06
Cycle of AddictionAddiction2013/10/01
Dealing with My Pornography Problem (Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction: A Resource for LDS Parents and Leaders, p. 144, SA Lifeline)Addiction2013/07/01
Dealing with My Spouse’s Pornography Addiction (Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction: A Resource for LDS Parents and Leaders, p. 145, SA Lifeline)Addiction2013/07/01
Develop a More Personal and Profound Relationship with GodSelf-Development2018/08/20
Divorce Busting – Last-Resort TechniquesMarriage2013/12/01
Do You Know the Difference? Porn-Related Sex vs. Healthy SexAddiction
Sex Therapy
Effects of Pornography on Intimate RelationshipsAddiction
Sex Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT TappingSelf-Development2015/03/01
Fuel for Female Sexual Desire - How Women Get in the Mood (rocket diagram)Sex Therapy2018/11/01
Good Sleep HabitsSelf-Development2014/07/01
Healthy Habits WorksheetSelf-Development2013/10/01
Help for Healing from DepressionDepression2015/08/01
Identifying Mental Weeds and FlowersSelf-Development Sex Therapy2016/10/01
Is It Addiction?Addiction2017/03/01
Knowing HER Intimately - 12 Essential Ingredients for a Sextraordinary MarriageSex Therapy2018/04/01
Laura’s “Love Language” WorksheetMarriage2018/03/01
Letting Go of Resentment in MarriageMarriage2016/08/01
Levels of Sexual DevelopmentSex Therapy2016/04/01
Marriage as a Collaborative AllianceMarriage2013/05/01
Personal Inventory – Daily Check InAddiction
Pride vs. Humility – How to Be HumbleSelf-Development2015/03/01
Self-Awareness Assessment – “Good Girl/Good Boy Syndrome”Sex Therapy 2017/10/01
Sexual Accelerators & Brakes WorksheetSex Therapy 2014/07/01
Sexual Beliefs SurveySex Therapy 2017/07/01
Sexual Self-Evaulation - from Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary MarriageSelf-Development
Sex Therapy
SAM-e & EmpowerPlus Q96 Supplements InfoDepression
Stop Depression Now: SAM-e – The Breakthrough Supplement That Works As Well As Prescription Drugs, in Half the Time…with No Side Effects - Book ReviewDepression2018/02/01
Stress Relief/Self-Soothing ToolsSelf-Development2015/09/01
The Codependency Cycle (in relationships)Marriage2014/08/01
The Infidelity Formula - ArticleInfidelity2013/11/01
The Infidelity Formula – DiagramInfidelity2015/08/01
Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got MarriedPre-Marital2010/09/01
Toolbox – Beating Compulsive/Addictive BehaviorsAddiction2014/04/01
Your Personal Arousal ScaleSex Therapy2017/03/01
Your Sexual Stewardship Before Marriage - How to Prepare for a Healthy Sexual RelationshipPre-Marital
Sex Therapy
"Your Toolbox for Tackling Depression"Depression